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6 month old child playing with Object Permanence Box

Skill building with the Object Permanence Box

Skill building with the Object Permanence Box


A very normal behaviour for babies around the second half of their first year of life is to freak out when they don’t see thier primary carer in sight.

Your baby is becoming aware of ‘object permanence', which is a technical way of saying that people and things still exist even if they’re out of view.

With this new understanding comes new anxiety in the baby’s mind: they know the person or object still exists, but they simply don’t know when they will return!

Peekaboo is one of the easiest games to teach babies the concept of object permanence. Hide your face behind your hands or hide behind a door and wait a second before revealing yourself to your little one.


Nino Mondo's Montessori Object Permanence boxes in our Million Dreams bundle for 7 babies is a great toy to support this understanding

Our Object Permanence Boxes are created in such a way that the ball goes into the hole, disappears for a moment, and reappears in a different place.

Through repeated use, the child discovers that the ball continues to exist even though they can’t see it, and, perhaps more importantly, becomes aware that it will eventually return to them.

  • It is fun and challenging to put the ball through the hole in our Object Permanence Boxes as the ball makes an exciting noise, and it appears after a brief disappearing act. 
  • The toy inspires repetition, which is an important element in the development of a child’s concentration.
  • Object permanence plays a significant role in cognitive development and the development of social skills.
  • Develops fine motor skills through the whole-hand grasp.
  • Teaches cause & effect. – The child sees that when they place the ball in the hole on the Object Permanence Boxes, it appears directly in front, when they miss, the ball ends up elsewhere and they have to retrieve it.
  • Develops vocabulary as you show how to use the toy: Point to the box and say, ‘This is the Box’, ‘This is the Ball’, ‘In’, and ‘Out’.
  • Provides sensorial feedback and early stem understanding as they hold the wooden sphere ball.

Observe your children immersed with our Object Permanence boxes and playing for long stretches of time.


1. Object Permanence Boxes are fit for which age?

Object Permanence Boxes are fit for children between the ages of seven to nine when they are able to sit and play.

2. Are Object Permanence Boxes Effective?

They are very much effective in building a sense of presence of an object or being in a child even when they disappear from sight. 

3. Is Object Permanence Box worth Buying?

Hand eye coordination is developed through this indispensible Montessori toy. It is definitely worth buying for developing skills in your child. 

4. What are Object Permanence Boxes Made of?

They are made up of naturally sourced wood.

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