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Hey There!

Firstly Welcome and Thank you for coming to this page to getting to know us better. We promise to make your time worthwhile whilst you are here.

Our need to nurture our daughters' minds differently led us to discover the Montessori method created by Dr. Maria Montessori.

Dr. Montessori believed that the first 6 years of a child are the most important and she called this stage the ‘Absorbent mind’ stage where the child learns everything simply by absorption. (No filters here) and therefore ‘Education must start from birth’ and ‘First the education of the senses and then the education of the intellect’.

Montessori seemed like education’s best-kept secret!

It resonated with us coz we could see that our daughters (like all children) indeed have an absorbent mind and learnt via their senses.  So, it made sense (pun intended) to give them natural materials and toys that stimulated their senses. That’s how we started on our Montessori parenting journey and have never looked back.

Dr. Maria Montessori innovated the Montessori approach to education over a century ago. The focus is not on how well a child can memorize or recite, but rather to encourage the child to think through, understand, and ultimately come up with the solution on their own. Isn’t that what we all want our children to be able to do as they cruise through life?

But Montessori toys are known to be expensive with only the elite having access to it and Montessori early learning centres are far and few. Some childcare centres say they are Montessori aligned but may not be so in spirit. Also, awareness of the beautiful Montessori approach is very dismal that parents (especially time-poor ones) tend to steer away from it thinking it’s hard work. And how much can you DIY stuff really? We are working parents doing full-time jobs, so we get it.

But thanks to the Montessori method we can see both our daughters’ (who are distinctly different personalities) unique potential emerge as they become more self-reliant day by day in their thoughts, words, and actions.

We believe in education being a great equalizer and it is the best inheritance to pass on to our children. So, we set out with a vision to make Montessori learning easy, accessible, and most importantly affordable to every child of pre-school age, so every child has a fair go and is set for success in life in whatever they do.

Even if you have never heard of Montessori before and don’t have Montessori early learning near you that’s ok. This is Montessori-at-home, and YOU CAN DO THIS. You probably do a lot of Montessori ways of parenting intuitively and with a little nudge from us, you’ll become savvy soon. We are simply here to be your guide so you can continue to be the expert on your child.

Lets Start With Play

You are right when you notice that your bub barely plays with the plastic, noisy & flashy toys. That is a lot of overstimulation for a little child who, if taught concepts in an isolated manner E.g. Simple to Complex, Big to small, will probably learn faster. 

But teaching children the right way is not high on the priority list of most toy companies. A visit to most toy sections/ stores reveals a world of toxic plastic playthings and battery-munching novelties that beep, buzz, honk, and flash…and oh, the screens!

No thank you.

Just like you, we too were disappointed with most toys that were available in department stores. And the ones claiming purposeful were at a verrrry high price point. 

Sometimes it seems like a global conspiracy to us as to why it’s not mandatory to give purposeful toys to little children before preschool. The pace at which a child learns in the first few years purely by absorption is nothing short of a miracle. Imagine what a child can learn and grasp if given a prepared environment? 

With Nino Mondo Play & Learn Montessori Toy bundles we wish to support parents like you by taking the guesswork out of choosing your child's toys. Every bundle is curated carefully by Montessori educators who have taught in Montessori classrooms in various geographies of the world and are aligned with the Montessori global curriculum. 

And of course, every toy is constructed with safe, non-toxic, natural/ recyclable materials coz the safety of your child and the sustainability of the planet is paramount to us.   

Your child will play with these toys for at least 4 years of age as they learn and hone the skills acquired from them and you’ll see the ripple effects of these skills in everything they do, giving true value back to you and the environment. 

We would love you hear from you. If you have any questions or feedback or would like to chit chat, then feel free to chat with us here, write to us at or dm on Instagram @nino.mondo.  

Love & Light.

Team Nino Mondo

P.S: Refer to our guiding principles that serve as a light house for all that we do.

Guiding Principles of Nino Mondo Play & Learn Bundles