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Educational Montessori Play & Learn Bundles

We're Serious About Play.

Nino Mondo Play & Learn bundles promote learning through experimentation and stimulate independent thinking.

Each bundle has Montessori toys proven to support motor skills development, sensory learning, and problem-solving.

Take a Montessori approach to playtime and instill a love of learning from within.

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Choose a Bundle Appropriate for your Child.

Age range is an indication of a good time to introduce.
Your child can play with every toy up to at least 4 yrs of age as they practice and hone the skills learned from it.

The Problem with Most Commercial Toys

Is that they demand too much parent involvement, are overstimulating and are made with toxic plastics & low-quality materials 

Cultivating independence, creativity, and resilience early creates a strong foundation for how your child will be life-ready. 

And the typical department store toy just isn't qualified to support this monumentally important task.

Skills acquired early through Nino Mondo Montessori Toys

The Nino Mondo Difference

While it may not be possible for every child to attend a Montessori early learning school, it is possible to do Montessori-at-home.

Nino Mondo Montessori toys are all about getting the fundamentals right to develop an applied mind in your child. When the foundation is firm and right, current, and future learning is easy and enjoyable.

At Nino Mondo, we are on a mission to democratize Montessori learning and make it easy, accessible, and affordable to every child.

See Who Got Their Start with Montessori

Wooden Education Montessori cylinder block puzzle toy gift for 16 month old

“The greatest gifts we can give our children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence.”

- Dr. Maria Montessori

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What Our Parents are Saying

I spend $135 per day on childcare 3 days a week and $4 on my coffee (daily). Why would I not spend $3 on Montessori toys that develop my child’s brain? It was a no brainer for me. Loving the toys. I so want to cheer Nate on when he plays with the ring slide, (Gosh am so proud of him) but I dare not disturb him


I know about Montessori, and I can tell you that it’s a good thing that you have kept only the necessary toys. It makes more sense for a busy mum like me. (I have 4 kids and even my 6 yr. old plays with the lock box. It’s value for money for me coz I know how expensive Montessori toys are out there.


The quality is amazing. Thanks for telling me in advance about the delay in delivery. Appreciate the customer service.


Love the details on the website. Helped me make an informed decision. This is my first time with Montessori and being a mum. Knowing that everything is earth conscious is important to me and Kudos on your support to the underprivileged kids.


Frequently Ask Questions -

What's the big deal about Montessori Materials ?

Montessori Toys are sensory-based learning tools made from natural materials and fibres such as wood, and cotton, that are designed to provide infants and early learners sensorial stimulation through play and learn through independent learning, repetition, and practice. 

Montessori materials are simple to use but with a profound ability to teach complex topics in unconventional but rather easier ways.

Nino Mondo Montessori Play & Learn bundles are structured in sequence, from easiest to hardest, in accordance with their developmental needs and interests, and within the context of the toys in the every bundle we offer. This clear sequence provides children with a logical pathway to learning that promotes the gradual layering of knowledge to establish foundational learning. Your child will have the best experience when the toys are introduced in this way!

Montessori Materials unique features 

·      Self - correctional

·      Purposeful activities using movement and exploration

·      Hands-on experiential learning

·      Develop Fine & Gross motor skills 

·      Isolate one concept or skill

·      Aesthetic and engaging

·      Practical Life Activities

·      Simplify abstract concepts

How are Montessori toys different from other toys on the market?

Most commerical toys are overstimulating, noisy and more active than the child and keep the child passive. Some toys need a lot of guidance and involvement from parents to build and assemble. Plastic toys are not sensorial in any way and children learn sensorially in the early years of their life.  The first six years of the child, termed as sensorial phase,  by Dr. Montessori are the most important in the development of a child’s mind. Montessori toys are designed such that the child has to become active and use their hands and move their bodies to play with them.  They are simple and aesthetically pleasing to attract the child, provide just enough challenge to encourage repetition and provide the right amount of stimulation sans the lights and batteries. 

Are Nino Mondo toys Montessori Inspired or Authentic Montessori?

There are some beautiful wooden and Montessori inspired toys in the market with minor tweaks to structure and colour. At Nino Mondo, we believe that the world does not need more products of the same kind but better solution to existing problems.

Nino Mondo Montessori toys are authentic Montessori material,
in their true and humblest forms with no unnecessary colour or structural changes and as provided in Montessori classrooms worldwide. We have only kept the necessary materials and avoided material with similar attributes e.g.
We provide the object permanence / ball drop box at age 7+ months. Instead of
providing the next level of object permanence, a similar ball drop box but with a drawer for 10+ months, that requires the child to drop the ball and pull the
drawer to retrieve the ball, we have provided the Montessori coin drop box with drawer and the push ball set. The coin drop box provides an additional challenge of putting the coins through the slot and pulling the drawer to retrieve the coins. The balls in the push ball set won’t pass and need a gentle push from the baby for them to go through the
inset. This way we still build on the concept of object permanence and cause
and effect.

We have followed this progression order of challenge in all our Play & Learn bundles. In doing so, we uphold our commitment to the principle of "Less is More," ensuring that we provide valuable opportunities for play-based learning that are enriching and meaningful without having to build a preschool at home. That being said, we recognize the lack of
guidance regarding the appropriate Montessori toys for specific developmental
stages or ages, as well as how to effectively engage with Montessori materials.
Which is why we have curated the Play & Learn bundles with authentic
Montessori material that includes emailed instructions (no print material that
ends up in landfill and can be referenced anytime anywhere) on when to
introduce each activity and how to play with the Montessori materials. This way, as a busy parent, you don't have to wonder which Montessori toy is
suitable for a particular stage or how to present the activity, providing you with the necessary support and guidance.

How long can my child play with the Play & Learn bundles?

While the toys in every Play & Learn bundle are introduced over a three month period, your baby will continue to benefit for months and even years to come. We have noticed children playing with Nino Mondo Montessori toys for at least upto 4 year of age. Our Montessori toys are designed to grow with your child, presenting new challenges as they develop and to bring real value to you as a parent. 

Can I Purchase Individual Toys?

Individual Montessori Toys are way more expensive in the Retail Market as Montessori Toys and learning have always been elusive. At Nino Mondo we wish to change that and  are driven by our vision to make Montessori learning easy, accessible and affordable to all children. We have curated these development specific learning bundles to make it easy for you to provide only the necessary Montessori toys that grow with your child bringing you convenience and more time to be present with your family. 

Why are you not a subscription service?

At Nino Mondo, we understand that every child develops at their own pace, and we respect the innate wisdom of parents in deciding when their child is ready for a Play & Learn bundle. We don't want to tie parents to a subscription plan because we believe in providing the flexibility to choose what is best for their child.

While we provide age recommendations for our Play & Learn bundles, please remember that these recommendations are not definitive timelines. Each baby develops differently, and you know your baby best. We encourage you to visit the "Signs your child is ready for this bundle" in the description section in each bundle on our website. There, you will find helpful information to assist you in determining when your baby might be ready for a Play & Learn bundle based on their individual development.

We value the autonomy of parents in making informed decisions about their child's learning journey, and we are here to support you every step of the way. Whether you choose to start with a Play & Learn bundle now or at a later time, we are committed to providing safe and quality toys that nurture your child's growth and development.