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Shipping delays due to COVID-19?

We will do our best to get your learning bundle to you ASAP, but some things are beyond our control. There may be up to 1-week delay in Australia. Please be patient, if you do not receive your learning bundles within the above time frame, please contact us and we will contact the courier.

Do you offer shipping in Australia 

Yes, we do.  Shipping is free unless . stated otherwise and will be calculated at the checkout

Where do you ship to?

We currently only ship in Australia.

Do you offer International Shipping?

We would love to but not yet! But when we do you could be the first to know if you sign up for our newsletter. Alternatively, do keep checking back if we have expanded our Shipping to International Locations.

 How quick will my order ship?

We will do our best to get your order out ASAP. Our standard time is 3 business days from purchase.

Will I get a tracking code?

Sure will! We will email you as soon as your order leaves our warehouse with your tracking code.

Do I need to be home to accept my delivery?

COVID-19 Update – Our Delivery service provide will be practicing 'Contactless Deliveries'.

If you do not authorize for your learning bundle being left in a safe place, please let us know at checkout.

If you're not home and do not provide authority to leave consent the delivery driver will leave you a card with your redelivery options.

You’ll have 5 business days to collect the item before it is returned to us. Additional charges may apply for reposting or restocking fees.

Who do you ship with?

We use Australia Post/ Sendle for all our shipping. Both are 100% carbon neutral, which offsets all emissions incurred in getting The Learning bundles to you! 

How do I return or exchange my product?

Your satisfaction with the Learning Bundles is paramount to us. We want you to be totally satisfied with your choice of the Nino Mondo Bundle. All items are quality inspected however if there is a major problem with your Learning bundle, please reach out to with your name, order number and details. Due to baby safety/hygiene, we do not offer returns or exchanges for change of mind. 


Where do I direct questions & comments?

Reach out to us anytime at Our business hours are Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM (AEST). You can even WhatsApp us at our business number + 61 451 764 768 or drop us a line through our contact us page. We will get back to you within 48 working hours.

Can my baby become a Nino Mondo brand ambassador?

We love to work with conscious parents who are keen on building the fundamentals and foundation of early learning blocks in their children. Reach out to us via our contact us page. Follow us on social media to stay up-to-date on casting calls. We’re always looking for photos of children playing with our products: tag us at @nino.mondo on Facebook , Instagram, Pinterest or Linkedin.

About the Play & Learn bundles

Are Nino Mondo Montessori toys in the Play & Learn bundles safe for my baby?

At Nino Mondo, we prioritize the safety and quality of our toys. As parents and Montessori Educators ourselves, we understand your concerns. We go to great lengths to ensure that every aspect of our toys meets the highest standards for safety and meets your child at a development stage where they are ready to do an activity but also provides a gentle challenge for growth. Our beechwood toys are manufactured in a factory in China that has successfully passed safety and environmental protection tests and comply with EN 71, ASTM F 963 and Australian Safety Standards. The glue on the products is nontoxic and the paint is water-based and non-toxic too. This guarantees that our toys are safe for your child.

Our Montessori materials and activities align with the curriculum practised in Montessori schools and early learner and parent-toddler classrooms worldwide. They are designed to introduce children to the learning pathway at an early age, fostering their development. There are a few select pieces that may pose a small risk of choking or strangulation if a child is left unattended. Clear instructions regarding these potential hazards are provided on our website to help you make informed decisions before making a purchase.

Examples of items that require close supervision include:

  • The Ribbon from the Montessori Ball in The Magical Creation Bundle
  • Shapes smaller than 4 cm in the First Block Set in the Million Dreams Bundle
  • The Thread in the Beading Set in the Passionately Curious Bundle
  • The smallest 2cm cube in the Pink Tower in the Ray of Hope Bundle

Since these activities play a crucial role in your child's early development, we have included them in our Play & Learn bundles. However, we recommend that you closely supervise your child during these specific activities or choose to remove the smaller blocks or cut the thread and ribbon short or introduce them later when you feel it is safe to do so. 

It is important to always note that Australian law mandates active supervision of young children. Therefore, we urge you not to leave your child unattended while playing with our toys.

Tell me more about the Play & Learn bundles.

Nino Mondo Learning bundles are designed by qualified Montessori Educators 

to help infants and early learners learn by doing what they do best: playing & exploring their world!

They’re filled with age and development-specific Montessori material carefully curated to meet the developmental needs of your child. We truly believe in Less is More. The Montessori Materials are self-explanatory and even if you don’t show how to play with them, your child would be able to figure out the various ways of playing and working with them while you as a parent stand back and observes. Very few toys out there can claim that as most require more if not some amount of involvement from parents.

How are The Play & Learn bundles designed?

Nino Mondo Learning bundles are designed by AMI Certified Qualified Montessori Educators who have experience working in Montessori classrooms and currently continue to do so. These Experts have taught in countries like the US, Australia, Sri Lanka, Thailand and India and have a diverse range of experience working with children from different backgrounds and unanimously agree on how a child can uncover their true potential through Montessori. We no longer wish to keep Montessori as the best-kept secret in education and want every child to have access and affordability to Montessori Materials that could set every child up for success in life.

Each level is based on the accredited 0 – 3 Montessori curriculum that has been used in Montessori Early Learners and Parent Toddler programs around the world for 100+ years.


Additionally, each Learning bundle has been tested with infants and parents to ensure the toys and tools are age-appropriate, engaging, and aesthetically appealing.

How long can my child play with the Montessori toys from Play & Learn bundle?

While the toys in each Play & Learn bundle are introduced over a three-month period, your baby will continue to benefit for months and even years to come. These Montessori toys are designed to grow with your child, presenting new challenges as she develops. 

Can I Subscribe to the Play & Learn bundles?

At Nino Mondo, we understand that every child develops at their own pace, and we respect the innate wisdom of parents in deciding when their child is ready for a Play & Learn bundle. We don't want to tie parents to a subscription plan because we believe in providing the flexibility to choose what is best for their child.

While we provide age recommendations for our Play & Learn bundles, please remember that these recommendations are not definitive timelines. Each baby develops differently, and you know your baby best. We encourage you to visit the "Signs your child is ready for this bundle" in the description section in each bundle on our website. There, you will find helpful information to assist you in determining when your baby might be ready for a Play & Learn bundle based on their individual development.

We value the autonomy of parents in making informed decisions about their child's learning journey, and we are here to support you every step of the way. Whether you choose to start with a Play & Learn bundle now or at a later time, we are committed to providing safe and quality toys that nurture your child's growth and development.

Can I Purchase Individual Toys?

We are unable to sell the toys individually. Truth be told, individual Montessori Toys/Materials are way more expensive in the Retail Market as Montessori Method has always been elusive. We are driven by our vision to make Montessori easy, accessible and affordable to all children. We have curated these Play & Learn bundles to make it easy for you to have access to a wide range of Montessori materials that support the growth and development needs of your baby at a particular development stage, bringing you convenience and more time to be present with your family.

What if you sell out of The Play & Learn bundles?

We strive to maintain a well-stocked inventory to meet the demand. However, if a particular bundle is temporarily, simply click on the "Notify Us" button on our website, and we will gladly inform you as soon as the bundle is back in stock.

QuestionCan the Play & Learn bundles be sent as a gift?

That’s a beautiful thought and the answer is yes. You can even add a thoughtful note. Just drop your message into the delivery notes at checkout. Nino Mondo Play & Learn bundles make the perfect gift!

How do I clean my Material?

Before introducing any material for the first time, wipe them clean with a damp cloth.

To clean the wooden material, wipe them down with a damp cloth, and only if necessary, use a mild soap. Wooden toys are absorbent and because our finishes, paints and stains are water based it is also important you thoroughly dry your toys immediately after cleaning.

We do not recommend soaking, abrasive cleaners, or scrubbing.

If you have further questions, on the cleaning process, please reach out to us at

What safety certifications do the toys have?

All beechwood toys have been tested and passed against safety certifications EN 71 and ASTM F 963 and comply with Australian Safety Standards.

Question Are Nino Mondo toys Montessori Inspired or Authentic Montessori?

There are some beautiful wooden and Montessori inspired toys
in the market with minor tweaks to structure and colour. At Nino Mondo, we
believe that the world does not need more products of the same kind but better
solution to existing problems.

 Nino Mondo Montessori toys are authentic Montessori material,
in their true and humblest forms with no unnecessary colour or structural
changes and as provided in Montessori classrooms worldwide. We have also only
kept the necessary materials and avoided material with similar attributes e.g.
We provide the object permanence / ball drop box at age 7+ months. Instead of
providing the next level of object permanence, a similar ball drop box but with
a drawer for 10+ months, that requires the child to drop the ball and pull the
drawer to retrieve the ball, we have instead provided the coin box with drawer
and the push ball set. The coin box provides an additional challenge of putting
the coins and pulling the drawer to retrieve the coins. The balls in the push
ball won’t pass and need a gentle push from the baby for them to go through the
inset. This way we still build on the concept of object permanence and cause
and effect.


We have followed this progression order of challenge in all
our Play & Learn bundles. In doing so, we uphold our commitment to the
principle of "Less is More," ensuring that we provide valuable
opportunities for play-based learning that are enriching and meaningful without
having to build a preschool at home. That being said, we recognize the lack of
guidance regarding the appropriate Montessori toys for specific developmental
stages or ages, as well as how to effectively engage with Montessori materials.
Which is why we have curated the Play & Learn bundles with authentic
Montessori material that include emailed instructions (no print material that
ends up in landfill and can be referenced anytime anywhere) on when to
introduce each activity and how to play with the Montessori materials. This
way, as a busy parent, you don't have to wonder which Montessori toy is
suitable for a particular stage or how to present the activity, providing you
with the necessary support and guidance.

Montessori Philosophy and Method

How can I learn more about Montessori Method and how to practice at home? 

You can read up on our blogs and join our 3-2-1 newsletter on our home page to learn all things, Montessori. We promise to keep our ‘Less is More’ Promise and not overwhelm you with too many emails.

What’s the big deal about Montessori Materials?

Montessori materials are sensory-based learning tools made from natural materials and fibres such as wood, and cotton, that are designed to provide infants and early learners with opportunities for play and learning through independent learning, repetition, and practice. 

The Montessori materials are simple to use but with a profound ability to teach complex concepts in simple but unconventional ways.

The Montessori materials are presented to the child in sequence, from easiest to hardest, in accordance with their developmental needs and interests, and within the context of the other materials. This clear sequence provides children with a logical pathway to learning that promotes the gradual layering of knowledge to establish foundational learning. Your child will have the best experience when the toys are introduced in this way! 

Montessori Materials unique features 

  • Self - correctional
  • Purposeful activities using movement and exploration
  • Hands-on experiential learning
  • Develop fine motor skills 
  • Isolate one concept or skill
  • Aesthetic and engaging
  • Practical Life Activities
  • Simplify abstract concepts 

That is why Nino Mondo has curated the Play & Learn bundles so that you can provide the complete context of Montessori with just enough materials for your child and see him/her transform.

How are Montessori toys different from other toys on the market?

Most toys are active and keep the child passive. Some toys need a lot of guidance from parents to build and assemble. Plastic toys are not sensorial in any way and children learn sensorially in the early years of their life.  The first six years of the child are termed as sensorial by Dr. Montessori and are most important in the development of a child’s mind. Montessori materials are designed such that the child has to become active to play with them.  They are simple and aesthetically pleasing to attract the child, provide just enough challenge to encourage repetition and provide the right amount of stimulation. Check out our blog on Toy rotation - when to rotate or retire a toy and how to organize your space to optimize playtime. When it comes to toys - Less is More

How do you know so much about Montessori?

We are Montessori Parents with children going to the Melbourne Montessori School. We learn from them every moment and we practice Montessori at home. Our founder who is a director on the school board and is a readaholic nerd and an avid researcher of everything on the intricacies of brain development and on the Montessori method of parenting. The Consultants on our Panel are AMI Certified and continue to teach in Montessori Schools around the world and keep themselves relevant and updated on new and effective methodologies on childhood development.


Toys Buy Back & Resell Service

At NINO MONDO, we believe our products deserve a second life, as such, we are willing to buy your used NINO MONDO products from you.

The “Buy Back” service enables us to help customers prolong NINO MONDO toys’ life, by buying back used NINO MONDO toys in return for a NINO MONDO store credit. Toys we Buy Back and resell in our second-life shop provides an even more affordable option for many people thereby making Montessori even more accessible and affordable. Plus, it’s this kind of approach and way of thinking that will help us achieve our goals of becoming a sustainable, circular business and people & planet positive. The customer will follow a step-by-step process using our Buy Back web solution. At the end of the journey on this web solution, the customer will receive an estimate for their NINO MONDO toys.

All estimates are subject to a satisfactory physical inspection of the products by a NINO MONDO co-worker, we do not agree to purchase your products until we have received them in person. The final offer price given by the NINO MONDO co-worker is final and not open to negotiation.

If we accept your products, you will be issued a NINO MONDO store credit for the agreed Buy Back value. The NINO MONDO store credits are redeemable for a period no longer than 3 years from the date of issue. These products will then be placed in our second-life shop for resale.

Is there anything NINO MONDO is unable to accept?

Buy Back is currently only set up to handle fully functional t pieces. NINO MONDO reserves the right to accept items from our catalogue that do not allow them a second life due to damages, cleanliness and hygiene issues. However, we are always looking for new opportunities to improve our services so check back in the future.