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Introducing our latest product - the Pets Matching Card Printable! Perfect for children who are fascinated by the animals that we keep as pets, this educational and fun-filled game is a must-have for parents and teachers alike.

Step into the wonderful world of pets with our Pets free printable! Perfect for animal lovers of all ages, this charming activity features a collection of beloved pets, from cuddly cats to loyal dogs. Each card showcases a delightful illustration, sparking joy and curiosity. Ideal for preschoolers and beyond, this interactive game encourages children to match each pet with its corresponding image, promoting cognitive development and memory skills.

Whether played solo or with friends, this printable provides hours of entertainment while fostering a love and appreciation for our furry companions. Download, print, and embark on a playful adventure with Nino Mondo's Pets activity!

Our Pets Matching Card Printable comes with beautifully designed cards featuring vibrant and detailed illustrations of some of the most popular pets, including dogs, cats, fish, birds, and more.

The ideal tool for matching and memory games at home and in the classroom are these ready-to-print matching cards. Utilizing these cards in a game can foster important skill development, such as logical thinking and problem-solving, as players attempt to connect and match different items. Additionally, using the cards for a memory game can help enhance memory skills. Moreover, the social skills of children can improve as they interact in social activities and take turns in the games. These matching cards can also serve as excellent Montessori flashcards. 

Size: 3.5x3.5 inches (approximately 9x9 cm)

How to get your digital files:

You will receive the files in PDF format (all pages are in A4 format).

Print on High-Quality Glossy Stock Paper or Photo Paper Print on regular A4 paper and laminate them to get longer use from the cards.

How to set up:

In the Early days - Point to the picture and state the word clearly and slowly When your child starts to babble/ say some words - Encourage them to say the word. It's okay if they don’t say the word accurately so long as they make a similar sound.

Tip: Use as language cards / Flash Cards first to develop vocabulary. Present them as matching cards/solutions cards for a matching game. Present them as a memory game. Use for scavenger hunt games.

For optimal quality and durability of the cards, it is strongly recommended to print them on cardstock or thick paper. The digital files are of high definition, and once printed on suitable materials, they will appear great.

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