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Passionately Curious (16-18 months)


At months 16-18, your toddler is making so many discoveries about the world around them. The Passionately Curious Bundle will help teach them how to be an explorer in the real world by exploring cause and effect, using both hands at once on tasks that challenge their skillsets for independence while building self-esteem along the way!

Practice two-handed coordination

✅Explore gravity, motion, and changing direction in a fun way to fill their need for repetitive actions

✅Build finger strength and dexterity

Toys in this bundle foster: STEM learning | Exercise of Practical life activity | Imaginative play | Motor skills | Focus

Signs your child is ready for this bundle :

  • Sits independently
  • Squats and Stands
  • Able to walk a few steps or independently
  • Walking or able to run
  • Says few words and understands a whole lot
  • Feeding themselves
  • Playing along but wanting familiar people around
  • Shows signs of pretend play
  • Wants to help around
  • Copies your behaviour like wiping the table or sweeping the floor
  • Able to observe and follow few instructions



The Ring Slide : Board: L – 345mm, B – 140mm, H – 130mm | Ring: H – 10mm, Diameter: 65mm

The Rainbow Stack and Match Activity : Red: Diameter 140mm, H - 70mm, W - 30mm | Orange: Diameter - 120mm, H - 60mm, W - 30mm | Yellow: Diameter - 100mm, H - 50mm, W - 30mm | Green: Diameter 80mm - L - 40mm, W - 30mm | Blue: Diameter - 60mm, L - 30mm, W - 30mm | Violet: Diameter - 40mm, L - 20mm, W - 30mm | Skittle: H – 50mm, Diameter – 20mm

The Beading Set : Tray: B- 250mm, L - 200mm, H - 40mm | Circle: Diameter - 50mm | Cube: 35mm | Cylinder: Diameter - 32mm, L - 35mm | String Length: End-to-end - 730mm, String length - 600mm | Wooden Needle: 115mm, Diameter - 10mm

The 3D Cylinder Block : L -220mm, W - 70mm, H - 55mm

The Mopping Activity : Rod: Full length - 920mm, Shortest Length - 560mm | Mop: B - 160mm, L - 290mm

The Magnifying Glass: L - 140mm, B - 10mm, Dia - 60mm

Care & Safety

CARE : All wooden materials in this bundle are absorbent and should not be submerged in water. Wipe clean with damp cloth only.  

The Beading Set – soak the thread portion only in cold soapy water. Air dry only..  

The Mopping Activity: Rod - Dry wipe only | Mop head – Machine washed in cold cycle. Air dry only.

The Magnifying Glass - Wipe with a damp cloth.

This learning bundle is suitable for children 16+ months and above. When using any item of this learning bundle:

Adult supervision is required at all times | Do not leave your baby unattended under any circumstance | Never leave your baby in the care of children | When not in use store out of reach of your baby.


The Beading Set contains smaller pieces and the string could be a strangulation hazard and therefore requires adult supervision at all times to guard against choking/injury. Do not leave your baby unattended under any circumstance. Never leave your baby in the care of children. Store the material out of the reach of your child when not in use.

What's Included and the Learning Benefits

Looking for baby development toys for toddlers in Australia? Look no further than these Montessori-inspired toys that support your child's cognitive and motor development.

Ring Slide: Watch as your little one masters two-handed coordination, laying the groundwork for fine motor skills and a newfound sense of independence.

Beading Set: Dive into a world of imagination! This delightful beading set not only captivates young minds but also builds finger strength and dexterity with each playful creation.

3D Cylinder Block Puzzle: Ignite the spark of STEM learning with this engaging puzzle. As your toddler pieces together the blocks, they're not just solving puzzles—they're developing logical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Magnifying Glass: Embark on a journey of discovery! This magnifying glass transforms ordinary moments into extraordinary ones, encouraging observation and fostering a lifelong love for detail.

Mopping Activity: Introduce practical life skills early on. This hands-on activity not only nurtures a sense of responsibility but also sparks independence as your little one mimics real-world tasks.

Rainbow Stack Matching Activity: Immerse in colorful stacking fun! This activity not only promotes focus and motor skills but also invites imaginative play, turning each moment into a vibrant adventure.

These Montessori toys for toddlers are perfect for encouraging your child's development and learning through play. Shop now and watch your little one thrive!