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Marvel to Behold (10-12 months)


At months 10-12, your baby is ready to learn more than just how things are done. They want to reach out, understand, and wonder! The Marvel to Behold Bundle will help your child develop their reasoning and understanding of information while engaging in imaginative play.

Develop pincer grasp and hand strength

✅Build hand-eye coordination

✅Practice solving problems

✅Exercise of Practical life activity

This bundle includes toys that promote: Focus | Logic Reasoning |  Motor Skills | Independence

Signs that your child is ready for this bundle :

  • Sits independently
  • Trying to fit objects into spaces
  • Able to hold objects with two hands
  • Able to push and apply subtle pressure on things
  • Intentionally release things and objects from hand
  • Shows signs of interest and curiosity
  • Able to point
  • Babbles sounds that sound like words



Push Ball Set : Box: L - 280mm, W - 120mm, H - 121mm | Ball Diameter: 40mm

Coin Drop Box : Box: L - 150mm, B - 150mm, H - 110mm | Coin Diameter: 45mm

Complex Vertical Stacker : Board: L – 140mm, W – 140mm, H – 120mm | Rings : Big – 50mm, Medium - 40mm , Small – 35mm

Single Shape Progression Puzzle : Stencil: L - 310mm, B - 120mm, H - 10mm | Big Square: 90mm | Medium Square: 70mm | Small Square: 50mm

Pouring Activity : Tray: L – 300mm, W – 220 mm | Mugs: H - 300 mm, Dia - 300 mm | Sponge: L – 90mm, W -30mm

Care & Warning


All wooden materials in this bundle are absorbent in nature and should not be submerged in water. Wipe clean with damp cloth only.

Pouring Activity: Tray - hand wash only | Steel mugs - dishwasher safe or hand wash.

Unless otherwise stated do not:

Soak or scrub | Use abrasive cleaners / cloths | Use a sanitiser, steamer or microwave to clean | Use alcohol-based products to clean | Use a dishwasher


This learning bundle is suitable for children 10+ months and above. When using any item of this learning bundle:

Adult supervision is required at all times | Do not leave your baby unattended under any circumstance | Never leave your baby in the care of children | When not in use store out of reach of your baby

What's Included and the Learning Benefits

Looking for Infant Montessori Toys in Australia? Nino Mondo Play & Learn bundles offer great options for Montessori Toys suitable for 10-month-old babies and beyond!
The Push Ball Set is perfect for building on object permanence and strengthening hand and wrist muscles. The gentle push needed to roll out the balls teaches cause and effect, while the matching activity helps develop focus and engagement.
The Coin Drop Box / Posting activity/ Imbucare box takes object permanence to the next level and challenges motor skills while developing precision. It's a great exercise for refining fine motor skills and the pincer grasp needed for writing.
The Complex Vertical Stacker offers a new level of stacking challenges and helps develop hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, and focus.
The Single Shape Progression Puzzle is a problem-solving activity with a self-correcting nature that encourages independent learning and further develops order progression skills.
Finally, the Pouring Activity is the first Montessori practical life activity that helps develop hand and wrist strength, control, precision, and containment skills. With repetition, your child will be able to do independent, focused work, a necessary skill for studies later in life along with activities like gardening, tidying, and cooking. Check out our range of Infant Montessori Toys today!