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Easter Egg Scavenger Treasure Hunt - Toddlers & Pre/ Non Verbal Kids


Easter Egg Treasure Hunt Adventure! A delightful and immersive activity perfect for toddlers or little explorers who are not yet reading or are pre or non-verbal. Embark on a magical journey filled with discovery and excitement this Easter season!

Our Free Easter Egg Treasure Hunt Adventure features beautifully illustrated clue cards to captivate the imagination of young children and guide them on a thrilling treasure hunt.

Size: 5.5 x 3.3 inches (approximately 11.5 x 8.5 cm)

How to get your digital files:

You will receive the files in PDF format, compatible with A4 paper size.

Print on High-Quality Glossy Stock Paper or Photo Paper for vibrant colors and durability. Alternatively, print on regular A4 paper and laminate for extended use.

How to set up:

Preparation: Hide the clue cards strategically around your home or outdoor space, ensuring they are safely hidden and easily accessible to your little treasure hunters.

Instructions: Begin the adventure by presenting the first clue card to your child. Encourage them to look closely at the illustration in the clue and guess where the next clue might be hidden.

Exploration: Once your child has guessed the location, guide them to the designated area for the next clue.

Discovery: As your child uncovers each clue, celebrate their success and encourage them to continue their quest with enthusiasm. Watch as their eyes light up with joy and excitement with each discovery.

Completion: The treasure hunt concludes when your child finds the final clue, leading them to the ultimate treasure - a basket filled with Easter goodies or a special surprise of your choosing.

Tip: Create an immersive experience by incorporating themed decorations, such as Easter banners, balloons, and soft toys, to enhance the magical atmosphere of the treasure hunt.

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