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0. Montessori Pre Birth Course



First, congratulations on your pregnancy. Second ... thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey.

I am a working mother too of 2 beautiful girls and I have been where you are and what you will experience in the upcoming years.

With this prep course, you are not only preparing yourself for your child’s birth but also preparing for a world they will thrive in.

After this course… You will also be able to enter the fourth trimester, the period after your child’s birth and the hardest phase of your life with a prepared mindset of “This is hard, but I can handle it.”

Despite being a full-time working mother, I have been practicing the Montessori approach with my daughters for 10 years now and I can assure you after this course that you will be able to inculcate the values of this approach to support the overall well-being of your child too.

Montessori is a well-established and time-tested educational philosophy, created by Dr. Maria Montessori, an Italian physician and educator and also Italy’s first female doctor over one hundred years ago.

But it isn't just about education; it's a way of life that values and respects the child from the very beginning. Its principles extend beyond the classroom, making it a valuable parenting philosophy.

In this prep course, we will delve into the fundamental concepts and practices of the Montessori philosophy, specifically tailored to the period leading up to your child's birth.

By embracing Montessori principles early on, you can lay a strong foundation not just to welcome them in this world but for their overall development, setting the stage for a harmonious and fulfilling parenting journey.


The Gym : Height when assembled long: 1010mm | Height when assembled short: 670mm | Disc Diameter: 250mm

The Grasping Ring : Length: 530mm | Ribbon Width: 30mm | Ring Diameter 70 mm

The Montessori Ball : Ribbon Length: 1400mm | Ribbon Width: 25mm | Ball Diameter: 110mm

The Mobiles : Are handmade and for visual purpose only.


Care & Warning


All wooden materials in this bundle are absorbent in nature and should not be submerged in water.

Wipe clean with damp cloth only.

The mobiles are handmade. Dry wipe only

The Montessori Ball: Machine wash separately using cold water and gentle cycle. Air dry out of direct sunlight

Unless otherwise stated do not:

Soak or scrub | Use abrasive cleaners / cloths | Use a sanitizer, steamer or microwave to clean | Use alcohol-based products to clean | Use a dishwasher


This learning bundle is suitable for children 0 months and above. When using any item of this learning bundle.

Adult supervision is required at all times | Do not leave your baby unattended under any circumstance | Never leave your baby in the care of children | When not in use store out of reach of your baby

Grasping Ring and Montessori Ball: Firmly secure the Grasping Ring and the Kicking Ball to the Activity Gym to prevent possible strangulation or injury by entanglement. 

What's included and the Learning Benefits

Looking for high-quality Montessori toys for your newborn?

Our Activity Gym is made from heirloom-quality beechwood and is easy to assemble, sturdy, and adjustable. It's perfect for hanging our Montessori mobiles at the perfect height for vision development, reaching, and kicking activities. Encourages movement, fosters motor skills, and stimulates sensory learning through interactive play.

The Munari Mobile is a simple yet effective tool for aiding in your baby's early vision development. The black and white high-contrast mobile introduces basic geometric shapes and solids, laying the foundation for cognitive development.

Dancer Mobile: Promotes cause & effect understanding while encouraging interaction and curiosity.

Our Grasping Ring is made from natural wood and is small enough for your newborn to grasp. It helps to develop your baby's hand-eye coordination, grasping strength, and focus. And don't forget about our Montessori Kicking Ball! This toy provides auditory stimulation and early lessons in cause-and-effect as the enclosed bells jingle every time your baby lands a kick.

The Gobbi Mobile is perfect for introducing your baby to the concept of color. Made from natural yarn, it's soft to the touch and offers a gentle introduction to the perception of subtle differences and gradations of color. Provides a gentle, stimulating environment for your newborn to process new surroundings and enhance focus.

Montessori Ball: Supports sensory exploration and hand-eye coordination for early developmental growth.

Elevate your child's learning experience and nurture their early milestones with this diverse array of toys designed to captivate, engage, and support their journey of discovery.