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What is Progression Order in Montessori? - 8 month old girl child playing with single shape progression Square Montessori wooden puzzle

What is Progression Order in Montessori?

What is Progression Order in Montessori?

Baby steps teach you that you have to start slow and small to progress. Similarly introducing Montessori educational toys to your child requires progression from simple to complex. Progression order is essential when doing Montessori learning at home. If you introduce Montessori educational toys without a sequence, the child may find the task too hard and lose interest. Therefore, following order is very important to their Montessori learning and development plus it makes play and learn more enjoyable.

Why Is Progression Order Important In Montessori?

Progression order makes play and learn fun. Montessori learning is all about Montessori toys, so the progression from simple to complex is the best way to support your child to play and learn simultaneously. Order of progression prepares the child for Montessori learning mathematics later in school as it incorporates lots of sequences, order, and progression. For instance, the Montessori puzzles progress in complexity as the child grows. Each Montessori activity may have an inbuilt progression in it, e.g., Montessori educational toys like the mailbox grow from one shape drop to a multi-shape drop. With the Pink Tower, the child learns to arrange the blocks in order so that the tower stays firm. It teaches repetition, which is a key concept in Montessori learning mathematics and mastery. Repetitions with Montessori toys help them progress to more challenging puzzles after working with simpler puzzles. The child learns the order and sequence of things with Montessori educational toys. They gain the ability to plan and arrange ideas and thoughts in a progressive order. It makes it easier to recall from memory.

Progression order aids in Montessori learning speaking comprehension and reading. The child learns letter sounds with Montessori educational toys and can string them into words; thus, they can read and speak. The child learns to put puzzle cards in a sequence and tell a story about them using Montessori learning techniques. They also learn to observe and express what they see. They can explain a logical series of events in their life It helps them develop concentration skills with Montessori toys since they learn to reason and conceptualize what they see. This is very key for Montessori learning writing and mathematics in later years.

How do you practice progressive order at home?

Montessori educational toys are essential in Montessori learning. Introduce progressive toys that introduce the child to colors, shapes, and patterns and improve the development of their senses. Introduce one Montessori toy at a time according to the readiness and development stage The child should master one Montessori toy before they move to the next one. Switch if necessary. Let them struggle a bit and make mistakes with Montessori educational toys. Allow time and patience for the 'Aha' moment when they figure out the solution with Montessori toys. Involve them in practical life activities like turning switches on and off, handing over spoons, bringing their plates to the kitchen, and then building from there.

The natural sequence is a solid foundation for Montessori learning and helps the child to understand and not just memorize using Montessori educational toys.

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