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Say this and not that to correct negative behaviour

Say This and Not That to Correct Negative Behaviour

Say This and Not That to Correct Negative Behaviour

Alternative Approaches 

  1. "No, you can't do that." -> "Let's try something else instead." 
  1. "Stop being so difficult." -> "It's okay to be frustrated, let's take a break and calm down." 
  1. "You're being lazy." -> "Let's take a break and then try again." 
  1. "I don't have time for this." -> "Let's prioritize our tasks and work on this first." 
  1. "I'm getting angry with you." -> "Let's take a break and talk about how we can solve this problem together." 
  1. "I don't want to hear it." -> "Let's talk about how we can solve this problem together." 


Positive Reinforcement/Encouragement 

  1. "Why can't you just behave?" -> "I know you can do better, let's work on it together." 
  1. "You're always making a mess." -> "Let's clean up together." 
  1. "I'm so disappointed in you." -> "I know you can do better, let's work on it together." 
  1. "You're not good at this." -> "I know this is challenging, let's keep practicing." 
  1. "You're not trying hard enough." -> "I know you can do this, let's keep practicing." 
  1. "You're not following directions." -> "Let's review the directions together and try again." 
  1. "You're being careless." -> "Let's be more mindful and pay closer attention to what we're doing." 
  1. "You're not being responsible." -> "Let's take responsibility for our actions and make things right." 
  1. "You're being too rough." -> "Let's be gentle and respectful to each other and our surroundings." 
  1. "You're being careless with your things." -> "Let's take care of our belongings so they last longer." 
  1. "You're not using your manners." -> "Let's use our manners to show respect to others." 


Communication Improvement 

  1. "You're not listening to me." -> "I need your attention please." 
  1. "You're being so annoying." -> "Can you please use your inside voice?" 
  1. "Stop whining." -> "Can you please tell me what's bothering you in a calm voice?" 
  1. "You're always interrupting me." -> "Let's take turns speaking so we can both be heard." 
  1. "You're not behaving properly." -> "Let's talk about what behaviors are expected in this situation." 
  1. "You're not cooperating." -> "Let's work together as a team to accomplish our task." 
  1. "You're being mean." -> "Let's be kind to each other and find positive ways to communicate." 
  1. "You're being disrespectful." -> "Let's be kind and respectful to each other." 
  1. "You're not being honest." -> "Let's be truthful and communicate openly with each other." 
  1. "You're being too sensitive." -> "Let's talk about our feelings and find positive ways to express them." 


Self-awareness and Empathy 

  1. "You're being a bad kid." -> "I know you're a good kid who sometimes makes mistakes." 
  1. "Don't touch that!" -> "Let's keep our hands to ourselves." 
  1. "You're being stubborn." -> "Let's work together to find a solution that works for both of us." 
  1. "You're being selfish." -> "Let's think about how our actions affect others." 
  1. "You're being a troublemaker." -> "Let's find a positive way to express our energy." 
  1. "You're not being careful." -> "Let's be more careful and mindful of our actions." 
  1. "You're being impatient." 



  • Fantastic read Your guidance on positive language to correct negative behavior is enlightening. Offering constructive alternatives helps reshape interactions for better outcomes. Valuable insights to foster healthier relationships. Thank you for the empowering advice.

    ramswamypsychics on

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