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Providing age-appropriate toys and activities becomes essential to support their growing curiosity, learning, and development.

Play and Learn Bundles for Newborns: 7–9 month Babies

Play and Learn Bundles for Newborns: 7–9 month Babies

Watching your little babies grow and become curious and imaginative adorable angels is perhaps the most beautiful bliss you enjoy as parents.

As your cute little munchkins enter the 7-9 months phase, they begin a period of significant growth and development characterized by remarkable milestones and emerging personalities. Not only are they getting excited to explore everything around them, but they are also familiarizing themselves and learning about everything and every person they are interacting with.

At this stage, their physical and cognitive abilities are also rapidly expanding, and as parents, you will be able to witness many exciting transformations.

One of the most noticeable changes in this phase of your child’s development will be increased mobility. Many infants begin to master the art of crawling, some even pulling themselves up to a standing position with support. It may not necessarily be the same for every baby, but the beginning of an effort to make a move is bound to begin at this stage.

This newfound mobility will open up a whole new world for exploration, making them eager to investigate their surroundings.

And for this reason, selecting the right toys for your babies is crucial as it directly influences their cognitive, sensory, and motor skill development. As they are actively exploring their environment, appropriate toys can enhance this exploration in a safe and stimulating manner. The “A Million Dreams” play and learn bundle is the most appropriate choice for them as it will not only keep them engaged but also promote learning and memory development. 

What newborn baby toys does the bundle include?

Toys designed for this age group should focus on sensory experiences, such as those with varying textures, bright colours, and different shapes. It must include activities that require stacking and memorizing, leading to the development of problem-solving skills. The toys must also teach them about the cause-and-effect relationship.

The “A Million Dreams” bundle includes the following toys and activities that will help them achieve the appropriate skills and learning for this phase:

The Object Permanence Box

This is a developmental tool designed to enhance a baby's understanding of object permanence—the concept that objects continue to exist even when they are out of sight. The main aim of this activity is to help develop your baby's mental and social abilities through tactile and visual experience.

Consisting of a simple wooden box with a hole on top, the Object Permanence Box introduces babies to the idea that items can be temporarily hidden and then retrieved.

Placing a brightly-coloured ball and making it disappear will slowly encourage your baby to reach for the ball, grasp it, and put it back in the box. This fosters hand-eye coordination and motor skills development, laying the foundation for spatial awareness.

First Puzzle Set

It is a delightful and educational tool crafted to engage young minds in the exciting world of problem-solving and spatial awareness. As the name suggests, your baby’s first puzzle-solving experience aims to build confidence and independent learning.

The puzzle set is tailored to capture the child's interest and imagination through large and colourful pieces designed to fit together to form simple images or shapes. It encourages babies to pick and fit objects in designated spaces, building hand-eye coordination, pattern recognition, and self-correctional abilities.

Additionally, it helps develop patience and persistence, encouraging children to complete a task they find both challenging and enjoyable. This early exposure to puzzles also lays a foundation for more complex problem-solving abilities.

Object Fitting Activity

An engaging and educational exercise designed to enhance a child's fine motor skills and cognitive development, this activity, including a 3D egg and its holder, is a simple Montessori method for supporting child development.

It not only entertains but also lays the groundwork for more advanced cognitive tasks, encouraging them to develop hand-eye coordination as they fit the egg onto its holder. It also develops a sense of concrete-to-abstract foundation as the activity introduces them to the concepts of dimensions and measurements.

It cultivates concentration, patience, and an understanding of spatial relationships, essential skills for future academic and life challenges.

The Simple Vertical Stacker

Supported by the Montessori method, this foundational activity captivates your baby’s young mind and promotes essential developmental skills. Encouraging them through subtle challenges, this toy is built to encourage them to grasp and stack rings on the holder.

Consisting of smoothly textured, cylindrical wooden rings with a central pole, this stacker encourages children to explore the concept of balance and coordination as they arrange the rings in a vertical sequence.

The straightforward design allows for easy manipulation, the repetition helps in memory development, and together, it helps in learning early mathematical concepts like size and proportion.

The First Block Set

Introducing the first block set to your child will ignite their creativity and foster early developmental skills and sensorial experience. They are particularly designed for your babies to hold them comfortably and made from beechwood, these blocks are safe for them in every way.

Including different shapes, sizes, and textures of blocks, the set provides a versatile platform for imaginative exploration and engaging them in stacking, building, and manipulating the blocks, promoting fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and spatial awareness.

Your babies develop an understanding of basic mathematical concepts like symmetry and balance and build a stronger connection between the brain's two hemispheres. 

Montessori Work Mat

The work mat is a fundamental element supported by the Montessori educational approach, emphasizing order, independence, and purposeful activity.

This simple yet versatile mat serves as a defined workspace for children to engage in activities that foster concentration and sequencing. It builds a sense of respect for the play area as most Montessori activities are encouraged on the floor on mats and teaches them to clean up after play.

Promoting a sense of order and structure in their learning environment, the intentional setup supports practical life skills like self-discipline and organization.

So, when is an infant ready for Montessori infant these toys?

Just as your babies enter a more independent phase of growth and spend more time independently in activities like sitting, crawling, and putting things in their mouths, know that your babies are ready for this play-and-learn bundle. Some might also attempt to pull themselves to a standing position with support.

They will now be more eager to hold things with both hands and explore the textures and shapes of the objects. Sometimes, they might also show signs of anxiety when separated from you but do not worry, as they are now also learning to become more independent. 

It is important to note that your babies will try to communicate more with you. They may start babbling, imitating sounds they hear, and even trying to mimic simple words, so communicating with them is crucial during this phase.

Remember, they will begin to understand simple commands and respond to their names, so this is a great time to foster your bonding and build a connection with them. 

Providing age-appropriate toys and activities becomes essential to support their growing curiosity, learning, and development. Toys encouraging sensory exploration, such as those with different textures and colours, are particularly beneficial. Choosing Montessori infant toys thoughtfully ensures a safe and enriching play environment that aligns with infants' specific needs and capabilities during this critical stage of their development.

Frequently Asked Questions

What developmental milestones should I expect from my 7-9-month-old baby?

During this period, babies typically start crawling, experimenting with solid foods, and showing increased interest in their surroundings.

What are some suitable toys for a 7-9-month-old?

Choose toys that encourage sensory exploration, fine motor skills, and cause-and-effect relationships, such as simple puzzles and stacking toys.

How can I support my baby's mobility development during this stage?

By provide a safe space for exploration, encouraging tummy time, and offering support as your baby begins to crawl and pull themselves up.

How can I establish a daily routine for my 7-9-month-old?

Create a consistent schedule for activities like feeding, napping, and playtime to help your baby develop a sense of predictability in their day.


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