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An activity gym is an excellent activity that encourages sensory exploration and physical development in children.

Play and Learn Bundles for Newborns: 0-3 month Babies

Play and Learn Bundles for Newborns: 0-3 month Babies

Finding the best for our children is always a priority, and to ensure that their journey is always on the right track, it is necessary to begin right. This is why introducing the right play and learn bundle from a young age is necessary to shape their growth journey. 

These play bundles are ideal for newborns because they are designed to promote holistic development and encourage independent learning and exploration. One of the fundamental principles is to support their initial development of vision and movements. 

During the initial 0-12 weeks, your little one has already begun to embrace their surroundings. Introducing activities that foster their cognitive development, visual perceptions, fine motor skills, and muscle development will be beneficial during this time. And the best way to do that is by presenting them the bundle, A Magical Creation

What newborn baby toys does the bundle include?

The Activity Gym

An activity gym is an excellent activity that encourages sensory exploration and physical development in children. Made with durable beechwood, this simple, easy-to-assemble, and adjustable activity offers the opportunity to hang the different Montessori mobiles at an ideal height for babies.

You can blend this activity with the different mobile toys that this bundle offers. When the baby reaches for the mobile, they are familiarized with grasping, and it also works wonders for developing their vision. Allowing infants to reach, grasp, and kick promotes the development of fine and gross motor skills. Remember to hang the mobile at a newborn-friendly height. 

The Munari Mobile

The Munari Mobile, an excellent simulation for infant development, is a visually stimulating, minimalist hanging sculpture. Composed of simple black and white but highly contrasting geometric shapes suspended delicately, its purpose transcends mere aesthetics. Designed to captivate a newborn's attention, it encourages visual tracking, depth perception, and cognitive development during the first few weeks of life.

The deliberate use of contrasting colours and shapes fosters visual development, sparking curiosity and laying the foundation for spatial understanding. Its subtle movements and gentle balance create an enchanting yet purposeful introduction to the world of visual exploration for infants. It also teaches the baby to focus on objects with both eyes.

The Gobbi Mobile

The Gobbi Mobile, an integral component of the Montessori environment, is a delicately crafted mobile featuring a series of colourful, graduated spheres suspended in a harmonious balance. These spheres are coloured in a gradient manner of the same colour, known as the “chromatic sense.”

Designed by Maria Montessori, this mobile specifically targets refining the child's visual discrimination abilities, as the varying shades of a single colour encourage the infant to differentiate between tones and observe subtle nuances in hues.

The Gobbi Mobile helps an infant to play and learn while also developing the depth perception of subtle colour variations.

The Dancer Mobile

One of the most mesmerizing Montessori toys, this Dancer Mobile, is an elegantly crafted kinetic sculpture composed of delicate and glossy dancing figures, which aids the child's visual development.

The well-balanced figures sway gracefully, even with the subtlest of movements, and shine and sparkle because of the holographic paper reflecting the natural light in the room.

Designed to capture infants' attention, this mobile aims to promote visual tracking and enhance the development of the child's depth perception and focus. With its captivating and gentle movements, the Dancer Mobile encourages the refinement of the infant's visual coordination and concentration, fostering a sense of wonder and engagement while laying the foundation for developing spatial awareness and concentration.

The Montessori Kicking Ball

The Montessori Kicking Ball is a thoughtfully designed sensory ball that facilitates early gross motor skill development in infants as they learn to use both legs to kick the ball. The brain's left and right sides develop a connection as a result.

Made from soft, child-safe materials and featuring vibrant colours and varied textures, the ball is meticulously constructed to stimulate tactile exploration, encourage grasping, and promote kicking motions. It also helps the infant to understand the relation between cause and effect as the attached bells jingle with every kick.

The ball's size and weight are tailored to match the infant's developing strength and coordination, allowing for easy manipulation and interaction. Infants can explore their physical abilities and develop a sense of independence and exploration within their environment.

The Grasping Ring

The Grasping Ring, a fundamental tool in achieving early childhood milestones, is a tactile and sensory toy meticulously designed to aid infants in refining their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Crafted from smooth, child-safe materials, like natural wood, and featuring a lightweight and easily graspable ring shape, this developmental aid encourages infants to explore and practice their grip strength and dexterity.

With its simple yet effective design, it promotes sensory exploration. It encourages the development of early cognitive skills, fostering a sense of discovery and achievement as infants learn to manipulate and interact with objects in their environment.

So when is an infant ready for these toys?

When your infant starts spending a reasonable time awake and shows signs of curiosity towards the surroundings, understand that your child is ready. Some other signs can also include looking into your eyes, turning towards different sounds or lights, or aiming to reach for anything. 

Your child can also be ready when he or she starts cooing and has started to swing their hands or legs while lying on their back. 

The Nino Mondo Touch

Nino Mondo believes that every child has individualistic needs and supports a child's holistic development through cognitive and sensory elements to develop practical life skills and social-emotional growth in children.

Through Nino Mondo play and learn bundles, children become confident, capable, and well-rounded individuals, setting them up for success in both their academic and personal lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Montessori toys better for kids?

By encouraging independent exploration, these toys can foster a sense of autonomy and self-confidence in children. Montessori toys are considered ideal for children because they are specifically designed to promote holistic development and encourage independent learning and exploration.

However, the efficacy of Montessori toys ultimately depends on individual children's needs and preferences, as well as the support and engagement provided by caregivers.

What type of child is best for Montessori?

The Montessori philosophy believes that every child has a different learning pace and style.

This emphasis on adaptation to each child's unique needs benefits a wide range of personalities and learning styles, fostering holistic development in a nurturing environment.

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