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The children can develop their problem-solving skills with the help of a scavenger hunt activity with easter eggs.

5 Easter Egg Alternatives to Chocolate for the Perfect Hunt

5 Easter Egg Alternatives to Chocolate for the Perfect Hunt

Easter is just around the corner, and for many families, that means it’s time for the traditional Easter egg hunt. While chocolate eggs are a classic choice, wouldn’t having a healthier alternative be great?

If you are wondering how to make it the best time for your child while also ensuring a healthier Easter, then you have come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll explore five Easter egg alternatives that are just as fun and exciting but without the sugar rush.

Top 5 Egg Alternatives for Chocolate Eggs

#1 Decorated Hard-Boiled Eggs

Hard-boiled eggs offer a nutritious alternative to chocolate eggs and can be just as fun to decorate. Using natural food dyes, you can gather the family for a creative egg dyeing session. This activity adds a colourful touch to your Easter celebration and encourages children to explore their artistic side. Arrange egg hunts with these eggs to keep the fun intact but in a healthy way. Once the hunt ends, these decorated eggs can be used as a healthy snack, boosting protein to fuel your child’s adventures.

Activity idea: You can create a list of riddles that lead your child to hidden eggs around the house or garden. This interactive take on the classic egg hunt will captivate and amuse your kids for hours.

You can download our free Easter printables for an egg hunt here.

Skill learned: The children can develop their problem-solving skills with the help of a scavenger hunt activity. 


#2 Mini Toy Eggs

Instead of filling plastic eggs with sugary treats, you may consider stuffing them with mini toys or trinkets. Look for small toys, stickers, or erasers that fit inside plastic eggs. This alternative eliminates the sugar rush and encourages excitement as children discover the surprises hidden within each egg. Moreover, hunting for these mini treasures creates a bonding experience for the whole family, as parents and children work together to explore every part of the Easter egg hunt.

Activity idea: You can arrange an egg pinata activity for your little ones. End your Easter celebrations with a bang by hanging an Easter egg pinata filled with treats! Let your child take turns trying to break open the piñata with a stick while blindfolded. Once the piñata bursts open, watch as the kids scramble to collect the goodies inside.

Skills learned: This activity helps children develop hand-eye coordination and patience through aiming and hitting the pinata while waiting for treats.


#3 Puzzle Eggs

Take the Easter egg hunt to the next level by incorporating puzzle eggs into the mix. You can fill plastic eggs with puzzle pieces and hide them around your backyard or living room. As children search for the eggs, they collect puzzle pieces, working together to complete the picture once all the eggs have been found. This activity not only adds an element of teamwork and problem-solving to the hunt but also promotes cognitive development and critical thinking skills in children.

Activity: You can try to arrange an Easter Egg Roll. Head outdoors for a classic Easter egg roll! Find a grassy hill or open space and let your child roll their decorated eggs down the slope. The first egg to reach the bottom wins a special prize, adding a competitive edge to the festivities.

Skills learned: This activity promotes gross motor skills as children participate in rolling their decorated eggs down the slope, requiring coordination and physical movement.



#4 Seed Bombs

For an eco-friendly twist on the traditional Easter egg hunt, you can fill egg shells with different plant seeds. After the hunt, you can put these little seed bombs straight into the soil. Seeing the seeds become beautiful blooms is a real-life example of their beneficial effects on the environment.

Activity: You can invite your family to gather on Easter day and plant seed bombs while making a wish. As children plant the seed bombs in their chosen spots, they can indulge in independent play through planting and learn about caring and environmental conservation. You can also encourage your children to observe the plants that grow from the seeds and keep a journal about their growth until the next Easter. This activity can be a fun and educational tradition to continue each year until the next Easter.

Skills Learned: This activity allows children to indulge in sensorial play and independent learning and develop practical skills like patience and responsibility.


#5 DIY Craft Eggs

Encourage creativity and imagination by filling eggs with materials for a DIY craft project. Provide beads and string for making bracelets or paint and brushes for decorating rocks. This alternative sparks creativity and provides children with a hands-on activity that they can enjoy long after the Easter egg hunt. Whether they are crafting personalized accessories or painting masterpieces, children will love expressing themselves through art while creating cherished memories with their families.

Activity: Gather your child’s friends and family for an egg-decorating extravaganza! You can provide a variety of decorating supplies such as paints, markers, stickers, and glitter and let their creativity run wild. Not only is this a fun activity for kids, but it’s also a great way to bond with loved ones.

Skills Learned: This activity fosters creativity and fine motor skills as children use various decorating supplies to decorate eggs, promoting artistic expression and dexterity.

Now that you have some egg-citing egg alternatives to choose from, it’s time to plan your Easter egg hunt. Whether you decide to go with decorative eggs, mini toy eggs, puzzle eggs, seed bomb eggs, or DIY Craft eggs, the important thing is to have fun and create long-lasting memories with your child.

You can check our free Easter printables collection here for a memorable and fun scavenger hunt with your child.

Happy Easter egg hunting!


1. What are some creative alternatives to traditional chocolate Easter eggs?

Instead of chocolate eggs, you can explore options like decorative eggs, plush Easter eggs, wooden eggs, stuffed animal eggs, and crafted paper eggs for a unique twist on your Easter egg hunt.

2. Where can I find wooden eggs for our Easter egg hunt?

You can find wooden eggs at craft stores and online marketplaces, or even consider making your own by purchasing wooden eggs and decorating them with your child using paints, markers, or other decorative elements.

3. Are there any DIY options for making decorative eggs for Easter?

Yes, you can opt for DIY decorative eggs by decorating real eggs with your child using paints, stickers, glitter, or other craft supplies. This fun and creative activity not only adds a personalized touch to your Easter egg hunt but also allows for endless possibilities in terms of shapes and designs.

4. What are some unique ideas for Easter egg hunt activities beyond the traditional hunt?

Consider hosting an Easter egg scavenger hunt with clues or riddles, organizing an egg decorating party with friends and family, rolling decorated eggs down a grassy hill for an egg roll, having a bunny hop relay race, or ending your celebrations with an Easter egg piñata filled with treats for added fun!


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