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Yes, switching from plastic toys to Montessori wooden toys is the most sensible and result-oriented decision a parent can make for their child.

Top 4 Montessori Wooden Toys Your Child Will Love

Top 4 Montessori Wooden Toys Your Child Will Love

Imagine your baby grasping her first toy and giggling at the sound it just made. Or picture this: your toddler just unlocked all the locks correctly on the lock box and is super happy at his achievement. Aren’t you feeling proud and satisfied that you made the right decision by making the switch?

Yes, switching from plastic toys to Montessori wooden toys is the most sensible and result-oriented decision a parent can make for their child.

Why, you ask? Not only are Montessori wooden toys toxin-free and environmentally friendly, but they also offer more purposeful opportunities to interest and engage children than flashier (pre-set) plastic toys. With wooden Montessori toys, the options for imaginative play and learning are endless.

Here are some Montessori wooden toys your newborns and toddlers will love:

Rainbow Stacker

The best part about the rainbow stacker is that your child can play with it however they want. This open-ended game provides children with imaginative play and can be great for developing concepts like spatial reasoning and progression. The rainbow stacker activity encourages children to learn about colours and sizes while also helping them understand stacking.

This activity develops fine motor skills as they grasp and stack, hand-eye coordination, problem-solving skills, sensory development, and concentration. One of the ideal Montessori wooden toys is one that is both fun and a valuable tool for learning and development across multiple areas.

This toy is ideal for toddlers but can also be used for later ages.

Shop for Nino Mondo Rainbow Stack and Match Activity Montessori wooden toys here.

Object Permanence Box

A necessary milestone for children is achieving cognitive development and understanding the importance of persistence, both of which can be attained with the object permanence box. It helps children familiarize themselves with the belief that things exist even when out of sight.

Amongst other Montessori wooden toys, this one is a simple but classic Montessori toy that offers several benefits for children. Using the box and ball requires hand-eye coordination and developing fine motor skills as children manipulate the ball into the hole and retrieve it. Furthermore, it helps build logical thinking and patience as they master completing the activity. The object permanence box also provides children with tactile and visual sensory experiences, stimulating the child’s senses and promoting sensory exploration.

This toy is ideal for infants but can also be used for later ages, too.

Shop for Nino Mondo Object Permanence Box Montessori wooden toys here.

Wooden Balance Board

Sounds fun, right? Well, not only will this Montessori toy add a fun element to your child’s life, but it will also help build their balance, coordination, and core strength. A strong core is essential for overall stability and posture. This versatile and beneficial toy supports children’s physical, cognitive, and social-emotional development in a fun and engaging way.

The wooden balance board encourages gross motor movements as children rock back and forth or side to side, helping to refine their motor skills. It also can be used as imaginative play, such as pretending it’s a boat, bridge, or mountain, fostering creativity and imagination. Mastering Montessori wooden toys like this boosts children’s confidence as they overcome challenges and improve their skills.

Recommended Montessori toys for 2 year olds, but can also be used for later ages.

Shop for the Nino Mondo Wooden Balance Board from the Ray of Hope play-and-learn bundle and other Montessori wooden toys here.

Grasping Rattle

Unlike plastic rattles, wooden grasping rattles provide a natural sensory experience with their texture, weight, and sound, which can be more beneficial for sensory development in newborns. Being made from sustainable and biodegradable wooden resources, these Montessori wooden toys are more durable, non-toxic, safe for teething babies, and provide a more natural play environment.

They provide hand-eye coordination and strengthen gross motor skills in babies as they fit into the little hands. Montessori wooden toys like the grasping rattle have a simple design, allowing babies to focus on the sound and feel of the toy without being overwhelmed by lights or sounds.

This is ideal for newborns but can be used later by infants and toddlers for creative play.

Shop for Nino Mondo Montessori wooden toys like Grasping Rattle for newborns here.

Montessori toys are an excellent resource for children to play with and learn. Whether newborns or toddlers, there is something for every child. And what’s more, these Montessori wooden toys last for years and can be played with in multiple ways, creating opportunities for greater independent play in children.

Please read our blog here to learn more about how Montessori toys differ from other toys.

Frequently asked questions about Montessori toys

1. Are Montessori toys only for Montessori schools?

No, Montessori toys can be used at home or in any educational setting. They are designed to promote hands-on, experiential learning.

2. At what age can my child start using Montessori toys?

Montessori toys are designed for children of various ages, from newborns to older children. There are Montessori toys suitable for every stage of development.

3. Are Montessori toys safe for babies?

Yes, Montessori toys are generally safe for babies when they are age-appropriate and made from non-toxic materials. Always supervise young children during play.

4. Do Montessori toys replace traditional toys?

Montessori toys complement traditional toys and can be used together to provide a well-rounded play experience for children.

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