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A Small Wonder (13-15 Months)


Your one-year-old is about to discover their inner scientist! The Small Wonder Bundle offers new challenges in object permanence, balance & strength, spatial awareness as well as a fun introduction to physics.

Learn fun lessons in cause and effect

✅Build fine motor skills

✅Get more comfortable with routines and time

✅Explore rotation, spatial relationships, 3D geometric shapes

✅STEM lessons on volume, pressure, and balance

Toys in this bundle enable: Self Correction | Future Reading and Writing | Concrete to Abstract awareness | Independence

Signs that your child is ready for this bundle:

  • Stands with support
  • Trying to stand by pulling themselves up
  • Waves bye or lifts hand for a high five
  • Able to indicate what they want
  • Taking small steps with support
  • Some two-hands coordination
  • Able to hold, release and retrieve things
  • Able to retrieve things off the floor
  • Babbling one or two sounds
  • Pointing & Gesturing through h movements
  • Playing along but wanting familiar people around
  • Shows interest in shapes



The Ball Tracker : The Tracker: L - 310mm, W - 110mm, H - 315mm | Balls Diameter: 40mm

The Mail Box : Box: LxW – 145mm | Cylinder: Dia – 35mm, L – 130mm, B – 130mm |Square: LxW – 30mm, H – 40mm \ Rectangle: LxW – 40mm, H – 20mm | Triangle: Side – 40mm, H – 30mm

The Multi Puzzle : Board: L - 200mm, B - 180mm, H - 10mm | Circle Diameter: 60mm | Square: LxW - 60mm | Rectangle: LxW - 40mm x 60mm | Triangle: H - 50mm, Base – 55mm | Oval: H - 60mm, Diameter: 40mm

The Horizontal Stacker : Board: L – 140mm, W – 140mm, H – 120mm | Ring Diameter: 35mm

The Scooping Activity : Bowl: H - 170 mm, Diameter: 150mm | Wooden Spoon: L - 150mm, Diameter: 35mm | Tray: LxW –

The Big Dropper: L – 280 mm, Diameter – 50mm

Care & Safety

CARE : All wooden materials in this bundle are absorbent and should not be submerged in water. Wipe clean with damp cloth only. 

The Velcro Dressing Frame: Frame - Dry wipe only. 

Scooping Activity:  Tray - Hand wash only. Bowl and Spoon - Hand wash only

WARNING : This learning bundle is suitable for children 13 months and above. When using any item of this learning bundle:

Adult supervision is required at all times | Do not leave your baby unattended under any circumstance | Never leave your baby in the care of children | When not in use store out of reach of your baby.


The Mail Box : Adult supervision is required at all times when playing with this toy to prevent choking/injury from small parts. Do not leave your child unattended under any circumstance. Store the material out of the reach of your child when not in use.

What's included and the Learning Benefits

Looking for Montessori toys for your 1-year-old? Look no further! Our early learning Montessori toys are designed to challenge and engage your little one while promoting important developmental skills as they embark on the 2nd year of their life.
The Montessori Ball Tracker is a great activity for visual tracking and concentration. Your child will be mesmerized by the slow movement of the balls along the tracker, and the activity supports the development of essential visual skills for reading and activates both sides of the brain hemispheres.
The Montessori Imbucare/Mail Box a.k.a shape drop box offers a progression of object fitting and permanence with 3D geometric shapes that present a sensory experience and impart an increasing challenge from a single shape to multi-shape drops. This is a self-correcting Montessori activity that promotes independent work and further refines your child's muscular memory (stereo gnostic sense) and ability to identify objects simply by touch. The Multi Puzzle Activity offers a progressive challenge that introduces your child to more complex shapes and helps refine pincer grasp movements with precision. This helps prepare your child for the skills needed to hold a pencil and write.
The Montessori Horizontal Stacker/ Dowel is a new challenge for your child in which the stacking is not vertical but horizontal, helping develop dexterity and hand-eye coordination.
The Montessori Scooping Activity is a practical life exercise that helps your child develop strength in hand and wrist muscles and teaches containment. Watch your child learn to coordinate movements needed to transfer grains, lentils, seeds, etc., from one bowl to another.
The Big Dropper is perfect for little hands, introducing your child to cause and effect and an early introduction to STEM material. It develops cognitive skills and strengthens the connection between both sides of your child's brain.
Shop our Montessori toys for 1-year-old now and help your child build important foundational skills.