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Pride and Joy (4-6 months)


Your baby is now able to recognize your face, cooing at you and smiling broadly. The Pride & Joy Play & Learn Bundle allows them to explore with mouth/eyes while their personality emerges in this phase as well! They're also tasting things for the first time - mouthing on all parts of things without fear!

Make the most of tummy time

✅Develop speech and oral motor strength

✅Encourage social awareness

✅Practice using both sides of the brain

This bundle includes toys that aid: Auditory needs | Sensorial Awareness | Cause & Effect | Hand-eye Coordination 

Signs your child is ready for this bundle:

  • Able to hold head during tummy time
  • Has longer wakeful periods
  • Beginning to follow people or objects with their eyes as they move around
  • Beginning to hold things in their grasp
  • Rolling in one or both directions 
  • Takes things to mouth or mouth to things ( Mouthing)
  • Coos smiles and babbles
  • Is attempting to use hands and move forward (e.g. commando crawl)

Spinning Drum : L - 280mm, W - 150mm, H - 21.5mm

Maraca :L - 110mm, Handle Diameter - 15mm, Ovoid: 38mm

The Rolling Bell : L - 75mm, Diameter: 70mm

Sound Tube with Bells : L - 120 mm, Diameter: 18mm

The Sensory Ball : Diameter: 113mm

The Interlocked Disc : L - 100mm, Diameter: 70mm

The Grasping Rattle : L - 90mm, W - 60mm, H - 50 mm

Care & Safety

CARE : All wooden materials in this bundle are absorbent and should not be submerged in water. Wipe clean with damp cloth only.

The Sensory Ball: Machine wash in “delicates” bag in cold water / Hand wash in cold water.

Unless otherwise stated do not:

Soak or scrub | Use abrasive cleaners / cloths | Use a sanitizer, steamer or microwave to clean | Use alcohol-based products to clean | Use a dishwasher


This learning bundle is suitable for children 3+ months and above. When using any item of this learning bundle:

Adult supervision is required at all times | Do not leave your baby unattended under any circumstance | Never leave your baby in the care of children | When not in use store out of reach of your baby

What's included and the Learning Benefits

Looking for Montessori toys in Australia? Look no further! Our Montessori Toys for three to 6 month old are designed to engage and stimulate your child's development in fun and creative ways.
Introducing The Spinning Drum, perfect for tummy time and developing your child's vision, hand-eye coordination, wrist and arm strength. The Grasping Rattle is designed to fit perfectly in your baby's tiny hands, strengthen gross motor skills and encourage exploration.
Looking for unique montessori rattles? Try the Rattle With Silver Bells for a perfect combination of tactile, auditory and visual input. And for a classic musical instrument, try The Maraca, which is perfect for teaching cause and effect and gentle enough for an infant's ears.
Want to encourage core muscle strength and focus? The Rolling Bell is perfect for building perseverance and pursuing it teaches cause and effect. The Interlocked Disc is a great tool to strengthen your child's fingers and build hand-eye coordination, while The Sensory Ball offers an early introduction to ball games and different textures.
Shop now for Montessori Toys Australia and give your child the gift of creative, fun and educational playtime.